Featured Service: Customer Service / Resident Care Facilitation

Core Services

Exit Surveys

Many builders conduct their own exit surveys at communities that are not performing up to expectations. Response is normally weak and the information gained is a bit jaded simply because it is the builder who is the administrator. Les’s expert telemarketers identify themselves as working for Newlands Market Research (an independent firm), record an outstanding 10% + response rate, and gain great insight as to the prospects opinions and perceptions of the community. Furthermore, they discover what is stopping them from purchasing and what they think of the competitive environment, and any other nuances the builder/developer would like to get a better grasp of.

1-on-1 Coaching

Some real estate brokers or agents themselves may recognize the need for intense, focused individual training. We have vast experience in training agents on this individual level. While group sessions are always open to questions and directed advice, some agents may not feel  comfortable enough addressing all of the questions they may have in the  open-forum format. Furthermore, it may be difficult to pinpoint the areas  of improvement needed for an individual salesperson when they are in  the midst of a group. Les is motivational and very user friendly, and he  personally conducts the sessions. As a broker, if you recognize the need  for skill enhancement in certain individuals, we are there are to help.

Mystery Shops

Builders and developers have a huge investment in their communities and should have the opportunity to know what their on-site agents are saying and doing on a day-in and day-out basis. Newlands Sales Consulting's shopping team is comprised of former on-site agents and understand the on-site sales process. They never look to catch an on-site agent doing something wrong- moreover, they look to catch them something right. Because of their experience and expertise, they rarely get caught. Les personally trains and supervises them, and has a large role in the report's development and ultimate grading.

Group Seminars

This cost efficient team training is very popular and can target any one of or combination of nearly forty pertinent selling skills. “Getting price breaks” , “Building value to justify the price” and “Negotiating Strategies” are just a few. Refer to the "Modules" section of our site to  see some of the material used.

 For New Home Group Sales meetings, any of the topics can be dovetailed  together for a compelling training session.

Site Specific Training

We conduct tailor made sales skill related programs at your choice of location. After evaluating agents sitting a particular site, a program can be developed that rifle-shoots at need areas that might have been uncovered. A variety of training modules can be woven together for a program or be delivered stand alone. They can be directed to a large audience or site specific. Most popular today are "Creating Urgency for Buyers", "Test -Close Questions and Meeting Closure", "Preventing Buyers Remorse / Keeping the Deal Together"...or basics like a review of the "Power Path of Selling On Site".

Competitive Shopping

With all the discounting and negotiation today it is hard to pinpoint what the competition is really doing. All builders "shop" the competition by having their on-site agents call and or share information. Typically, just list pricing is gained, not what they are prepared to do with a real buyer.  Les’s shoppers find out how deep the cuts or give-backs are by being  prepared to make a formal offer and leave a check.

 The competitive shoppers can also determine what the competition is  saying about your company and your site.

Outreach Speaker

Whether it is an annual awards dinner, an industry or trade show, a first time buyer’s seminar, or a broker outreach event, Les can motivate and educate. His room presence and delivery will keep the audience attentive to get your meeting jump started or to put on the finishing touches.


Sometimes, even managers and/or owners need guidance, direction, or just a sounding board on issues. Les Newlands can draw on his broad experience as a Senior Sales Executive to provide support. Whether it is goal setting, management by objectives planning, strategies to get the  most out of your people, coaching the coach, or an ongoing sales skill  enhancement program, Les can deliver meaningful advice and direction,  as well as offer solutions.

Habitat Magazine

Importance of Customer Care

The Churchill, a cond-op in the Murray Hill section of Manhattan, is widely considered one of New York City's finest buildings. Yet, until recently, the 30 staff members who open the doors, greet residents, help with packages and fix the leaks were lacking the polish of the building's exquisite lobby. "We have an excellent staff, but they needed to hear and see the basics," says Ronald Kaslow, president of the board. "We saw that even some of our better people [could use some advice]."

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